WI-FI Discovery: Facebook introduces free public wi-fi

Social networking company Facebook just can't stop when it comes to innovation they are simply more than a social media platform, they have gone a step further with their latest feature Facebook WI-FI DISCOVERY.

wifi discovery facebook

The social media giant has begun the testing of this feature WI-FI DISCOVERY that will enable users access free and public WI-FI close to them using the facebook app. WI-FI discovery is presently available in some selected countries but will be available worldwide by next month,this feature is available for IOS users.

The whole idea is "To help people stay connected to the friends and experience they care about,we are rolling out a new feature that surfaces open WI-FI networks associated with nearby places as stated by Facebook spoke person"; 

If you an an IOS user you can simple check if you have it by simply updating your facebook app,navigate to menu option,locate the "Enable find WI-FI". Toggle the settings so it's turned on and the app will detect access point that are nearby.

Awesome feature in my own opinion provided the public networks are secured.what's your take!

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