How to create related articles module on your blog - Beginners tip

Having related articles module enabled on your blog is one of those modules that you should not ignore as it comes with numerous benefit, you can create related articles on your blog by simply using the related articles module.

In this post I will show you how to create related articles on your blog by simply using the default related articles module on your Joomla content management system (CMS) platform, so if your blog is built on Joomla CMS platform and you are not taking advantage of the related articles module you should simply read on and see how you can set it up and enable the module in minutes.



Creating related articles on your blog or website is important especially as a beginner trying to build your domain authority and also keep visitors engaged on your blog, related articles helps you create relationship between articles related to the one that is currently viewed which is established through meta keywords, tags etc.

Related articles module or plugins also helps in reducing bounce rate on your blog by giving your visitor more articles to read and keep visitors more engaged on your blog, bounce rate is simply the percentage of visitors that leave your website/blog after viewing just one page, having a high bounce rate isn't good for your blog and one of the ways you can use to reduce your blogs bounce rate is by using related articles module. Now that you've read some of the benefits of creating related articles on your blog, let's go ahead and create it. I am using Joomla 3.8.3 for this tutorial.


STEP 1: Login to the back-end of your website -> Navigate and Click on Extensions Tab on the right -> Click on Module on the new window -> Click on New Tab at the top left corner

how to create related articles module on your blog beginners tip

STEP 2: On the Select a Module Type window Click on Articles-Related, Fill the Title -> Set the Show date by clicking on Yes if you desire and set the Maximum article you want to be displayed.

STEP 3: Select the Module position to suit where you want the related article module to be displayed, make sure the status is set as Published.

STEP 4: Click on Menu assignment Tab and select the pages you want the related article to be displayed.

STEP 5: Click on Save. That's all.

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